Experts point to the organic market as a key element to boost the Spanish citrus sector

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One of the objectives of the 2nd Forum of Citriculture, which was held recently in Gibraleón, Huelva, Spain, was to analyse the latest developments and changes that are taking place in the citrus sector, discussing new business opportunities that contribute to the diversification of the products offered. One of the options discussed was the organic production of fruits and the search for alternative markets with greater added value. The current situation of the citrus sector requires dynamism and innovation, due to the great competition from third countries, to which are added problems of a technical and commercial nature.

In this respect, it was observed that the demand for organic citrus fruits worldwide, especially lemons, is above current production and therefore it is time to bet on products with high added value. The organic sector is, without doubt, spearheading the new citriculture development. Huelva leads organic citrus production in Andalusia, with more than 1200 ha representing over 27% of the province’s entire organic citrus area.
Source: ecovalia

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