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Country/Region focus feature article

The Country/Regional focus is a regular content feature of the journal to update readers about developments in the organic sector with particular focus on organic standards, certification, accreditation and regulation in the country or region.
The journal does not prescribe a format. Contributors may write up their article as appropriate to the country/region’s situation incorporating the following content guide. The article should however be both informative and in-depth within the length of 1,200 to 2,000 words.

Standards & regulations

Salient points of the rules and their implementation, e.g. date of enforcement, regulatory bodies involved, standard setting and revision process, import rules, also related phytosanitary and customs regulations where applicable. Certification & accreditation: Salient points of applicable norms, accreditation requirements (if any), international recognition and agreements.

Iinternational norms & markets

As an international publication, The Organic Standard has particular coverage interest in how the domestic framework rules relates to international norms and markets, such as IFOAM Basic Standards and Accreditation, the EU regulation, the US and Japanese rules, cosmetic and textiles standards, among others.  Impact & perspectives from the industry: Perspectives and comment from the industry on impact of the rule to domestic as well as international organic trade.